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Buying An Existing Home vs. Buying New Construction Directly From Builder

Are you having trouble deciding between buying an existing home or a new construction home? You’re in the right place! Read this article to learn everything about the differences between a traditional real estate transaction and buying directly from the builder.

What Is The Florida Homestead Act And How Can It Save You Money?

The Florida Homestead Act is a law that can help new homeowners save money on property taxes and protect them from creditors. Learn how this law works and how it can benefit you as a new home builder in Florida.

From PCS to Homeownership: A Guide to Buying a Home Near Hurlburt Field For Military Members

Buying a home when getting stationed at Hurlburt Field can be a big decision. Learn more about the best neighborhoods, BAH rates and affordable home options to help you make an informed move.

How to Choose a Hurricane-Ready Home: Tips for Homebuyers

Buying a home that is hurricane ready is essential if you live in Florida. Learn what to look for when it comes to roofing, windows and doors to ensure your new home can withstand the high winds and rain of a hurricane.